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INNOTEACH EU Project - Innovation in Schools and Education, 3.-7.7.2017

Nowadays innovations are of crucial importance for the development and economic results of the European Union and its members. Slovenia, Austria and Hungary invest a lot in the field of innovation, yet there are still challenges to be faced involving innovation in all fields. One of them is related to the educational system which has to be continuously adapted to the needs of the modern society. It should address the nowadays needs, e.g. creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship (CI&E) are crucial competences that cannot be taught in a simple manner. The Project’s aim is to trigger different ways of thinking in schools and to show that creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are crucial for success - anywhere; in all subjects, in daily situations in school, in real life challenges, and to teach participants how to implement that in practice.

The InnoTEACH project empowers the innovation mind-set in the European Union by establishing learning environments in schools which fertilize the grounds for young people to apply innovation principles in problem solving and learning about entrepreneurship concepts at the same time.

The project developed an ECQA certified job role for innovative teachers and school mentors and is trialed in schools in Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria.

The big vision is that by empowering young people and networkking them this will empower the research in Europe in the future generations.ECQA and this new schema will contribute to this plan.

ISCN is member of the project and coordinator for Austria.

The picture below shows the project meeting and pilot training in Budpest.


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