Collaborative European Research Projects


Since 1995 European Research Projects have been performed developing new methods, tools and approaches in Europe-wide partnerships. These projects are faciliated by the European Commission - Lifelong Learning and Erasmus+ Programme.

Erasmus+ Funding

European Research Projects



EU Blueprint Project for Battery Systems and Electrification of Mobility

ALBATTS (2020 – 2024) as an EU BLUEPRINT project integrates different Automotive associations and working parties, and the strategy project NORTHVOLT to build a European design and production knowledge for battery systems and electrification of vehicles.

ISCN is supporting to establish a Europe wide training program to which many partners develop different job roles and courses, and ISCN as part of that course portfolio develops a functional safety training specific for best practices in safety battery systems design.

DRIVES Project


EU Blueprint Project for Automotive

DRIVES (2018 – 2021) as an EU BLUEPRINT project integrates different Automotive associations and working parties, Gear 2030, and DRIVES (2018 – 2021) as an EU project integrates different Automotive associations and working parties, Gear 2030 and creates

  1. A Pool of job roles that are defined and will be supported for Automotive industry.
  2. A certification system where through ACEA and the European Union a DRIVES label for certifiers and training bodies will be provided which confirms that they are covering the required skills to train specific job roles.
  3. A system that provides based on European Certification which are then linked to specific job roles of accredited certifiers and training providers.
  4. A first push of such qualifications in Europe by ca. 1200 attendees in trail courses with DRIVES certificates.
  5. A long lasting service to create a service portal for AECEA where members can access and get to the pool of qualifications needed to help them to grow.

ISCN is work package leader 3 where 30 core job roles under the leadership of ACEA are developed and provided on a training platform with ECQA certification.

ELIC Project


Engineering Literacy - managed by University of Applied Sciences Joanneum, Graz

ENGINEERING LITERACY in ELIC (2017 - 2019) stands for interdisciplinary teaching using practical examples that combines natural sciences subjects AND technical sciences input. By applying consequently knowledge to solve technical challenges in di erent fi elds will increase the interest in engineering among secondary school pupils.

ISCN is partner in the EU project ELIC which is managed by the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum, Graz, Austria. The consortium contains universities, schools and training bodies from Austria, Germany, and Italy and develops training material for a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) where teachers are provided with Automotive engineering examples. This includes e-motor, battery systems, light systems, etc. and maps the engineering samples onto subjects in schools.

The idea is to empower the young generation to enter the Automotive engineering, by using teachers as mediators.

See the project promotion video.

EMVOI Project


EU Project Manager Education

EMVOI (2016-2018) developed a virtual learning environment allowing self-assessment of skills and a tailored training and certification according to ISO 17024 thereafter. The final certificate is a clear proof of the manager’s qualification, therefore enhancing employability and opportunities for job-related mobility.

Several surveys revealed that professionals involved in EU project management require more specific training in soft skills (communication etc. …) as well as project management specific responsibilities like partnership management and financial rules.Most EU project managers come from entirely different fields and have different professional backgrounds. This makes it hard for them to prove their profound skills & expertise developed over the years – a clear point for a certification as proof of their knowledge and experience.

Particularly aimed at EU-project managers, a modern and user-friendly virtual learning environment will be developed within the course of this project. It foresees a blended approach covering different steps from assessment to certification. A competence chart will provide a first overview on needed skills, skills can then be self-assessed, following a tailored training and certification according to ISO 17024 – all part of a multilingual web-based self-assessment tool which ensures easy access with minimal efforts. A tailored training which has been created based on recognized project management tools as well as first-hand feedback of experienced project managers is going to identify strengths and weaknesses in a first step and enhances competences in a second step. The following certification according to ISO 17024 serves as a simple and clear proof of the manager’s qualification. This enhances the EU project manager’s opportunities and possibilities on the labour market as well as job-related mobility.

ISCN is an ECQA Certified EU Project Manager Training Organisation with extensive knowledge in managing EU Projects from different programs. The project is financially supported by the European Commission in the Erasmus+ Programme under the project number 2016-1-FR01-KA202-023886.

InnoTEACH Project


Creating Innovative Minds in the New Generation

The InnoTEACH project (2016-2018) developed training material and certification for teachers in Slovenia, Austria and Hungary, to empower the creativity and innovation in the mindset of students. Teachers perform problem analysis, brainstorming, prototyping and innovation project planning with students in primary school and also ORG Schulschwestern from Austria performed this at high school level. This led to the foundation of a WIN (Wirtschaftlichkeit - Innovation - Nachhaltigkeit) program in school in Austria, for instance. ISCN acted as the innovation training partner for the Austrian school.

Automotive Engineer Project

Automotive Engineer

Automotive Engineer (2014 - 2016) developed a training for bachelor level at university or technical school level to explain the mechatronics functions and relaed norms in moden vehicle design and production. The project came up with a concise curriculum that delivers fundamental knowledge and skills that form the basis of the growing variety of engineering job roles in the automotive industry.

This collaborative activity has been inspired by major industry stakeholders who have been observing that engineering graduates without prior practical experience in the automotive domain have hardly any specific knowledge about the automotive industry, which is after all one of the key pillars of the European and worldwide economy.

The “Automotive Engineer” project was financially supported by the European Commission in the Erasmus+ Programme under the project number 2014-1-NL01-KA200-001189.

2011 - 2015

LEADSUS Leadership in sustainability - Sustainability Manager (2014 - 2015)

AQUA – Knowledge Alliance for Training, Quality and Excellence in Automotive (2013 - 2014)

  • ECQA Certified Automotive Quality Engineer (SPICE, Safety, Six Sigma)

I2E - Idea to Enterprise (2012 - 2013)

  • ECQA Certified I2E Innovation Expert

LSSH - Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare (2012 - 2013)

  • Lean Six Sigma Academy Certficate

SafEUr - European Functuional Safety anager / Engineer (2011 - 2012)

  • ECQA Certified Functional Safety Manager / Engineer

VALO (Valorisation Expert) (2011 - 2012) - applied on EuroSPI and ECQA


SIMS Social Media Networking Expert (2011 - 2012) - applied on EuroSPI and ECQA




before 2011 and from 1996

BPM-HeiUP (process modelling university level), SOCIRES (ISO 26000), CertiBPM (process modelling in industry), DEUCERT (dissemination ECQA in all EU regions), ResEUr (reseacher entrepreneurship program), iDesigner (integrated mechatronic designer), LSSA (Establish Lean Six Sigma Academy in Europe), PLATO (online campus), EQN (European Quality Network, founding ECQA), BESTREGIT (regional technology transfer), etc.
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