Knowledge Partnership for Process Improvement.

The ISCN partnership is mainly on a human resource and project agreement basis. We have done agreements with IT companies and manufacturers that their quality management and process improvement staff is available to ISCN for involvement in consulting projects. We have brought together organisations, who jointly elaborate on solutions coordinated by ISCN in the fields of training development, SPI tools development, and recently in e-working and e-learning platform systems.
The aim is to establish a critical mass of interdisciplinary know how by bringing key players together to solve problems in a joint effort. We highly regard rules of ethics concerning competition clauses, confidentiality, intellectual property and loyalty.

Research and Development Partners

Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
Joined Assessment Portal Software Development

Dennis Gábor College, Hungary
M-Learning Strategies, EU Project Manager

DATEX, Austria
Finance SPICE

DELTA, Denmark
EuroSPI Service Partnership

ECQA, Europe
ISCN is Vice President of ECQA

EuroSPI, Europe
ISCN is Coordinator of EuroSPI

EMIRAcle, France
ISCN became a Partner in the European Manufacturing and Innovation Network

Falcon Leader, Finland
EuroSPI Service Partnership

iSQI, Germany
EuroSPI Partnership, European Certificates Association

Memolux, Hungary
Joined Finance SPICE Assessment Portal Development

Method Park, Germany
ISO 15504 Partner Sharing Teams, Trainings and Strategies

Plovdiv University, Bulgaria
Joined Assessment Portal Software Development

SINTEF, Norway
EuroSPI Service Partnership

SOQRATES, Germany & Austria
ISCN is Moderator of SOQRATES

SQS, Germany
Joined Development of SPI Manager Qualification

Symbol BV, Netherlands
EU Project Six Sigma

University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria
Innovation Strategies, European Certificates Association

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