NQA2 - Flexible and Adaptable Teamwork Environment


Network based Quality Assurance Environment


In the last three years the European Commission was giving around €60 billion for sustainable growth in form of European projects. These projects are carried out by groups of organisations with common beliefs, goals and intentions, which necessitates good teamwork approach and structure. In 1998 ISCN Ltd. proposed a software teamwork environment – NQA, which has proven as a top solution for the problem in the last ten years. In 2009 we decided to redevelop this platform, in order to meet the new requirements, goals and interests of the organisations and to answer the current economics situation. The new product – NQA version 2 – offers new ways for configuration and personalisations and redefines the means of teamworking. What makes NQA2 distinguishable is:

  • Internet solution
  • PHP/MySQL based software
  • Joomla component
  • can be personalised
  • No content limitation
  • Automatic versioning system
  • Configurable platform
  • Based on a well-defined distributed structure
  • Work-based teamwork methodology
  • Knowledge management server system
  • A large number of re-usable application patterns
  • Integration of new patterns in just few minutes


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NQA2 is a web-based teamwork platform, which allows an easy collaboration between groups working on one and the same project. Since it is based on PHP development language and MySQL database system, it could be deployed on every possible platform - Unix, Linux, Windows and/or Mac OS. Developed as a Joomla component, clients who have based their corporate websites on this system, can install the system within less than a minute - the installation is automatized through the internal Joomla component system. NQA2 contains its own automatic versioning system - users can concentrate on the document contents and should not care about document management, mistakes and mismatches. With pre-built patterns users can start work, as soon as the project is configured. Integration of new and custom configurations takes just a few minutes.

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