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ISCN is manager of the EuroSPI conference series and network and is supported by leading publishers to set up a library of best practice articles /reports in the fields of SPI.

The Term SPI

In the 90s EuroAsiaSPI² defined the term as Software Process Improvement. In 2001 - 2010 the SPI term was extended to System Software Process Improvement and Innovation. In 2012 the SPI term interpretation was further enhanced to System, Software, Services Process and Product Improvement and Innovation. In 2016 the conference talked about the connected systems (e.g. vehicle in the cloud) so that the terms safety, security, and infrastructure got included. Therefore the most recent interpretation of the SPI term is System, Software, Services, Safety, and Security Process and Product Improvement, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

This means that over the last 25 years the SPI term developed from a plain definition to a multi-sectoral understanding S(5)P(2)I(3). This extended understanding of the term SPI allows to use it in modern engineering of complex systems.

When the SPI Manifesto was developed in 2009 still the traditional term Software Process Improvement was used as an underlying paradigm. Since the SPI term developed in the community to a concept of S(5)P(2)I(3) we expect a further development of the SPI Manifesto in the next years.

SPI Experience Library

Supported by SPRINGER ca. 600 experience reports and papers have been published in the SPRINGER LNCS and CCIS series. SPRINGER statistics show  more than 260000 (two hundred sixty thousand) chapter downloads for these papers. Considering that copies are used in university libabries the editors estimate half a million readers so far. You find the online articles (to be acquired from SPRINGER) here:

EuroSPI 2007 978-3-540-75381-0 | EuroSPI 2008 978-3-540-85936-9  | EuroSPI 2009 978-3-642-04133-4 | EuroSPI 2010 978-3-642-15666-3 | EuroSPI 2011 978-3-642-22206-1 | EuroSPI 2012 978-3-642-31199-4 | EuroSPI 2013 978-3-642-39179-8 | EuroSPI 2014 978-3-662-43896-1 | EuroSPI 2015 978-3-319-24647-5 | EuroSPI 2016 978-3-319-44817-6 | EuroSPI 2017 978-3-319-64218-5 | EuroSPI 2018 978-3-319-97925-0  

Supported by WILEY ca. 150 experience reports and papers have been published in the Wiley Journal of SW Evolution and Process Series. In 2013 Wiley made parts of the SPI library accessible as a separate EuroSPI entry page.

You can access the WILEY articles here.

Supported by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) SW Division 2 journals have been published in the SQP (Software Quality Professional Journal).

Volume 17, Issue 3, June 2015

Volume 18, Issue 4, September 2016

Supported by the IEEE (Institute ofEöectrical and Electrinics Engineers), the larges comnputer science network of the world, a full book was published to summarise the results of the first 4 EuroSPI (ISCN) conferences 1994 - 1997. 

See the link to the IEEE book.

Supported by an international tean of experts in 2009 an SPI manifesto was published and translated from English to German, and Japanese.

See the SPI manifesto.


ISCN empowered and co-founded European networks and intiatives like EuroSPI and ECQA. ISCN has been proposal writer and therefore founder of the EU BUEPRINT DRIVES. ISCN is moderator of the German -Austrian task force SOQRATES. ISCN is founding member of iNTACS. Our message is that please help to create networks of networks of knowledge for Europe and contribute papers to the EuroSPI / ECQA community. And lets build constructive partnerships between Europe and world wide.

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